Sunday Jul 3 03:25pm

Funeral Parade of Roses (Bara no soretsu) by Toshio Matsumoto

Japan, 1969

Tuesday Jun 21 07:23pm

Monday Jun 13 06:11pm

Death Grips - Full Moon

Wednesday May 25 12:53pm

Final scene of “La pianiste” - by Michael Haneke [2001]

Wednesday May 18 01:15pm


"Veramente ho fregato una giacca io!"

Monday May 16 01:46pm

Auktion - “She Wolf” / Аукцыон - “Волчица.”

From RUSSIAN ROCK UNDERGROUND (1988). Documentary-video by Peter Vronsky (MuchMusic, Toronto Canada) and Sergio Pastrello (Professional Video, Martellago-Venice Italy.) Shot in Moscow and Leningrad January-February 1988 with Acquarium, Televizor, Auction, Nebo i Zemlya and Zvuki Mu.

Monday May 16 01:45pm

Demolizione rapida di una Fiat Panda presso le Auto Demolizioni Mario Righini.


Monday May 16 01:44pm

Demolition Goes Wrong

For those of you that thought demolishing a building was easy.”

Monday May 16 01:43pm

"Scugnizza" from Amsterdam by Joe is Cool (Why Style!)

Wednesday May 4 03:22pm

Zao, Ancien Combattan 

Tuesday Mar 29 03:27pm

Hey guys,  I’m working on Picture Perfect for VBS TV, which is a documentary series about contemporary photography and the first episode features the super talented Stefan Ruiz. Check it out to know more about him and his amazing collection of random photo portraits from all over the world, plus see what happens when we brought Stefan to Monterrey to meet the young Mexican fans of Colombian narco-fashion. Oh, and the soundtrack is cumbia. Sweeeeet.

Pardon my grammar, I’m a maccarone.

Wednesday Mar 23 11:44am

Kids from North Korea singing for Tito

(Titoooo Titooo Titooo)

Wednesday Mar 23 01:34am

Dio - Rainbow in the dark

Saturday Mar 19 11:33pm

"Girl chewing gum" - John Smith, 1976

Reality as fiction

Sunday Mar 6 01:33pm
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